MBS1160 Instruction Manual

Reciprocating Operation Device for railroad models.
   By this device, the train runs back and
   forth on the rails as shown in Photo1. 

   The power supply for train operation
   is a stabilized DC power supply.
   Train running power is not PWM method.
         This item is HO guage compatible. Also corresponds to N guage and Z guage.
         This device is carefully made one by one with handmade devices.
         It is not a mass-produced product made at the factry.

  It is a Photograph of the system using this device . MBS1160 
   It is a video driving a train with this device. MBS1160
 ☆ MBS1160    $118.00 /1 pcs.   (It is the price of 1device.)
              plus shipping: $42.00
      ・ Accessories  (Free Accessories)        
  (1)  AC adapter       1 pcs.  It is a dedicated part.    
  (2)  Spare fuse     1 pcs.  250V, 5A  
  (3)  Instruction manual           
 ☆ System     $180.00/1System.   (It is the price of 1 system)
              plus shipping: $136.00 
      ・System breakdown  
(1)  Device(MBS1160) 1 pcs. It is our product. 
  (2)  AC adapter 1 pcs.   It is a dedicated part.  
  (3)  Connction cable 1 pair  Assembled using KATO products.
  (4)  Straight Track with Bumper 4 1/4"  2 pcs.   <S109B> KATO U.S.A.INC. 
  (5)  Feeder Track 9 3/4"    3 pcs.  <S246F> KATO U.S.A.INC. 
  (6)  Spare fuse  1 pcs.      
  (7)  Spare insulation joiner 8 pcs.   24-816  KATO U.S.A.INC.  
      ( Insulated UniJoiner) 
  (8)  Instruction manual     
 ☆ This system can operate with a minimum rail length of 95cm.
     Hoever, the length of the locomotive is 25cm 1 unit.
 ☆ If you add a track, you can reciprocate on a longer track.
     * The follwing is an example of the track to add.
      UNITRACK 2-180 : Straight Track 369mm (14 1/2") <S369>    KATO U.S.A., INC.
     * And you wil be able to drive trains that consisut of mutiple vehicles.(Long trains)
  ☆ Name and function of each part

① Device body      
② Power on/off switch for reciprocating operation device. 
Push the lever upwards.     
Power is on and the power pilot lamp(green lamp) on the right side of the switch light up.   
Push the lever towards you.     
  The power is shut off and the power pilot lamp (green lamp) on the right side of the switch
turns off. 
③ Power pilot lamp    
④ Train speed cont adjustment knob   
 ・ Adjust the speede of the train that travels back and forth.   
  Turn the knob clockwise to increase speed.   
⑤ Acceleration/Deceleration adjustment knob   
 ・ Adjust the deceleration when stopping or adjust the acceleration at departure.  
  Turning the knob to the right slow doun the deceleration or the acceleration.    
⑥ Stop time ajustment knob    
  Adjust the turnaround time at the rail end.You can adjust in about 7 seconds
to 1 minute.  
  There are some differences in the vehicle or driving conditions.   
⑦ Stop position adjustment knob (For blue section)    
Adjust the train stop position on the blue section.   
  Turn the knob clockwise to shift the stop position to the end of the track.   
⑧ Stop position adjustment knob (For red section)    
  Adjust the train stop position on the red section.   
  Turn the knob clockwise to shift the stop position to the end of the track.   
⑨ Terminal block     
 ・ It is a connection terminal of the feeder to the rail.  
⑩ AC adapter connection jack    
 ・ Connect the AC adapter (12V,2.0A)⑫as shown in th picture.  【Fig1】 
⑪ Dedicated AC adapter (12V,2A)      
 ・ The rear view shows the AC adapter connection jack ⑩ and the dedicated AC adapter
(12V,2.0A)⑪ connected.   
⑫ Train operation status indicator (Run display)    
 ・ Connect the dedicated AC adapter⑪ to the 120V outlet and turn the power to the device.   
  When the device is in operation, one of the following will be displayed.   
  ●Yellow lamp lights up.   
    It is a state indication that the train runs.   
  ●The yellow lamp will light up but will turn off soon.   
    This lamp dose not light while the train is stopped. This device has started in the stop mode.   
    When the set stop time(Up to 1 minute) has passed, the yellow lamp will light and the train will depart.   
  ●If the yellow lamp is on and the train dose not move, the track or train has a problem.  
    Inspection is required.   
⑬ Breaker operation lamp    
 ・ If over current flows to the track by 1amp or more due to train derailment, the breaker operates and the power is cut off and the red lamp lights up.   
 ・ Power off the device by pulling out the power plug inserted into the AC adapter connection jack.⑩  
  You can recover by turnig off the power for about 30 seconds and then cycling again.    
  The breaker indicator light gose out.   

 ☆ Operation preparation 
(1) Make an section   
  Connect the right side rail with insulation joiner as shown in 【Fig2】 and make 3 sections.   
  Name it Red section,Yellow section, Blue section from the left of the drawing 【Fig2】  
(2)  Rail configuration and wiring diagram of device/Basic diagram
①  Connect the right side rail with insulation joiner as shown in 【Fig3】 and make 3 sections.  
 ・ One of the rails on the track that drives the trains back and forth remains one.(Green rail of 【Fig3】)  
 ・ The other rail of the track which makes the train run back and forth is electrically isolated in two places.  
  Electrically insulates in two places as shown in the 【Fig3】.  
  It can be easily isolated by connecting the rail joints using an insulation joiner etc.  
    There are three electrically isolated rails.    
  They are the red rail,yellow rail,blue rail, shown in the 【Fig3】.   【Insulation Joiner 】↴ 
 ②  Connect feeders to each rail as in the 【Fig3】 and name them as follows.  
 ・ Feeder line connected to red rail. : Feed line red.  
 ・ Feeder line connected to yellow. : Feed line yellow.   
 ・ Feeder line connected to green . : Feed line green.  
 ・ Feeder line connected to blue.   : Feed line blue.   
(3)  Section features and train travel   
  <Section yellow>  
Section yellow is the section where the train travels at cruising speed.
  Run at the speed adjusted by the Train speed cont ④.  
  <Section red and section blue>   
Both section red and section blue have the same function. 
  The train decelerates and stops when it enters this section.  
  If the distance to stop the train is not secured, the train will overrun. 
The length of section red and section blue must be greater than the distance required to stop the train. 
  You must actually run the train to check and adjust. 
  Different trains will change the stopping distance. 
The train will leave in the opposite direction if it stops for a fixed time. 
(4)  Please set the following before the first operation.
 ・ Rotate Train speed cont adjustment knob, Acceleration/Deceleration adjustment knob andStop time ajustment knob to 9 o'clock position.             
  Please see the picture below.【Fig4】  
  Although the train is fine at any section, it is recommended to put it in section yellow.   
  Rotate the Train speed cont adjustment knob, Acceleration/Deceleration adjustment knob and Stop time ajustment knob at 9 o'clock.
(5)  Connect the device to the power supply.
  ・ Plug the AC adapter into a 120V outlet and plug the the 12V outoput plug of the AC adapter into the main body DC 12V input jack.【Fig5】   
  ・ Push the knob of Power on/off switch upwards.   
  ・ This device becomes operational.   
  ・ Make sure that the pilot lamp light up.   

 ☆  Driving Operation  
  ・ Wait about 10 seconds for power on.   
  ・ If Train operation status indicator (the yellow lamp ) comes on, turn the Train speed cont adjustment knob clockwise to make the train depart, so adjust the traveling speed.    
  ・ Adjust the deceleration/acceleration by turning Acceleration/Deceleration adjustment knob to the right.  
  ・ Please re-adjust the running speed of the train.     
  ・ Adjust Stop time adjustment knob.     【Fig5】       
 ☆ Box size  Width   150mm
    Depth  100mm
    Hight   45mm
 ☆ Weight     350gr
   *Device body only weight  
 ☆ Track laying and Wiring